The workshop is my favorite place. It is a perfect space to create and develop my favorite art and my lifes work: scagliola. There is a ton I would like to tell you about my workshop and scagliola. To learn more click here.

If you want more general information watch the videos to the left. You will surely enjoy them.

In 2000, Angelique and I had a vision. A vision of a place that we could simultaneously call home and also use practically as a workplace and studio. Unable to find such a place, we decided to build it in the hills of central New York State.


   We wanted somewhere we could grow our own food, raise animals, recycle materials easily, make cider, and engage with a small community easily. We started by living in a trailer while we constructed the Dome that you can see to the left. The Dome is a very interesting structure and a very cosy home. You can learn more about it by clicking here.

    My wife, Angelique, wanted a studio that she could use to create her amazing hats and textiles. A true creative space to call her own. It features lots of stone, ornamental plaster, and even a castle tower. Learn more about the studio by clicking here.

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Welcome to Beaver Palace. Enjoy your stay.

So you have decided to visit Beaver Palace Studios. Welcome. There is much we have to show you and there is a lot of fun is to be had. If you know what you came to see then you can navigate the site above. If it is your first time here, then continue reading and listen to our story.


Some Photos taken during the summer.